L I G H T I N G   C A M E R A M A N

I have worked on a diverse range of projects ranging from single camera dramas to fast paced multi-camera shoots for industry leading production companies, both in the UK and at a number of overseas locations. I combined excellent technical skills and knowledge of current broadcast with excellent personal attributes of flexibility, reliability, helpfulness and ability to work under pressure.

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R O N I N    O P E R A T O R


I have been a Ronin operator on many projects ranging from Crimewatch to Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux. Through being an owner operator I have gained valuable experience that has lead me to become efficient and accomplished in getting the best shots in any situation. My Ronin kit comes complete with extended bars to accommodate larger cameras, atlas rig to hold shots for extended periods of time and full monitoring capabilities for all cameras.


E     M      A      I      l     :


P     H     O     N     E        :

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L    I    N    K     l    I    N    E

D  I  A  R  Y   S  E  R  V  I  C  E


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