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Alex is a freelance director of photography, working in the industry for over ten years and specialising in branded content, documentaries and broadcast television.

He combines a high level of creativity, combining hard work with excellent personal attributes, being flexible, helpful, reliable, calm and able to work effectively under pressure to deliver quality content. This has taken him all over the world, from USA to China, shooting in technically challenging environments.

He has wide-ranging experience with all current cameras and accessories, delivering tailored camera and lighting packages. He has an extensive range of his own equipment.

K I T  L I S T :

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k
Sigma FF Prime Eet 20mm/ 24mm/35mm/ 50mm/ 85mm EF
Samyang Prime Set 14mm/ 24mm/ 35mm/ 50mm/ 85mm EF
Canon 5d Mark IV
Canon EF 24mm/50mm
Miller Cx10 Tripod

Blackmagic 7” Video Assist Monitor with Hollyland Cosmo Wireless link
Blackmagic 5” Video Assist Monitor
Ruige Action 21” Studio Monitor

DJI Ronin with ReadyRig
DJI Mavic Pro Drone Kit – I hold a current PFCO CAA approved license
Remote slider with 360 degree head for motion time-lapse work
5m Track and Dolly

Apature 300d LED light
2 x Falconeys RX18  Biflex Light Panels
2 x Pixapro 100B bi-colour LED
3x 150w Dedo kit
Multiple stands, grip, diffusers and lighting accessories


EMAIL ME AT : info@alexbruno.co.uk

CALL ME ON : 07427093073

To discuss any projects.


0 20 8426 2200